Maternity Pillow


Elevate your sleep quality during pregnancy with our Versatile Maternity Pillow, specifically designed for side sleeping. This pillow features an innovative attached support pillow that provides extra cushioning and support exactly where you need it—ideal for accommodating your growing bump. Crafted for versatility, it offers multiple positioning options to help you find the most comfortable setup for a restful night’s sleep.

Made from high-quality cotton, the pillow is both soft and breathable, ensuring a gentle touch against your skin. The cover is easily removable and washable, simplifying maintenance and keeping your sleep environment fresh and clean. Perfect for any stage of pregnancy, our maternity pillow supports a healthy sleep posture, reducing discomfort and enhancing relaxation. Embrace comfort and support throughout your pregnancy journey with this essential side-sleeping solution.

Size: 140cm x 70cm x 55CM

Beyond pregnancy, this maternity pillow transitions seamlessly to provide excellent support for breastfeeding and nursing. Its flexible design allows new mothers to find an optimal position for feeding, easing the strain on arms and back, and offering comfort to both mother and newborn. Whether used for sleeping or nursing, this pillow is a versatile addition to your maternity essentials, ensuring ongoing comfort and support during this special time. It also great for finding a comfortable position to sleep in after a C-Section.


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