Gonge Activity Rings


These Gonge Activity Rings are such a simple toy that provide numerous learning opportunities – from throwing, catching, rolling through to hand-eye coordination and balance. Social skills are developed through collaboration and taking turns. 

Activity Rings appeal to children of all ages as they are fun, safe, and an open-ended toy. They can be used as inspiration for countless activities such as catch, hoopla, dancing in a circle, walking on tiptoe, balancing on your head, juggling rings, throwing rings to each other.

Activity rings can be used in both spontaneous and structured activities, rhythmics and gymnastics and can be used for individual or group activities. Lightweight but safe and sturdy with a rubber consistency which ensures years of play value.

Made from child safe and durable TPE rubber material.

  • Ages 18 months+
  • Set of 6
  • Diameter: 164mm

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