Baby Toothbrush


This Baby Toothbrush offers an easy grip with its specially designed handle and provides teething relief. Its soft bristles make it ideal for good dental practice and it’s easy to clean and sterilise. Keep your baby’s teeth healthy and clean.

Clean those cute little teeth with this training Baby Toothbrush. Silicone and detachable for easy cleaning, your little one will learn to love using this and will be able to hold it themselves when they're big enough with the easy-grip handle.

There is a silicone hand that protects from drips and also stops them from putting the toothbrush too far into their mouth so they gag.

For the advanced teeth brushing boys and girls, it even has a tongue cleaner too! 


  • Soft Bristles for Milk Teeth Cleaning
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Silicone Hand Protection for Drips
  • Detachable Head for Easy Cleaning
  • Tongue Cleaner


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