What are Muslins for Babies Used For?

What are Muslins for Babies Used For?

The muslin is the staple for every new mother or family that has a newborn coming home. It can be used for many of the basic babycare activities that parents will find themselves doing in the first year of caring for their new son or daughter. To those without any knowledge of the muslin blanket, it can seem like a simple...Well, a simple blanket. But it's not! It can be used for many different things but you need to learn how to use it effectively to bring out it's versatility.


Swaddling is when you wrap your baby up, snug enough to give your baby added security as well as make them more transportable. The baby muslin makes the baby safer as you are transporting their fragile little body and even protecting them from themselves. The swaddle can be used to place the baby on your chest or back, tied into a secure knot so you can wear your baby, knowing they are secure and stable. This can also help your newborn feel safe and secure during the nighttime hours, when you may be aways from your baby. Many babies respond very well to being swaddled when it comes to bedtime. It's like being hugged all the time, it just makes your child feel more confident and is less likely to cry because of it.

Summer blanket

During the summer, the hot weather can cause your baby to sweat excessively. Babies sensitive skin can also be damaged by direct sunlight which is why the muslin cloth acts as a shield against the summer sun. You can create a tent with the blanket over your baby in the stroller as you are shopping or walking around the park enjoying the summer weather yourself. It's not something that you need time to take off and it is light enough to allow the breeze to flow through for ultimate comfort.

Nursing shield

Muslins for babies have been favored over many other alternatives for one reason. It's a lot more subtle when it comes to nursing in public and keeps the baby cool. If you learn how to wrap and tie the blanket around your body, you can both support your baby as they are nursing, and cover you both at the same time. The muslin comes in many unique styles so it can be just a part of your outfit as you walk around or take public transport and the only thing people will see is your baby's head. You won't be exposed and it doesn't draw attention.

A bib

If worst comes to worst (as most mothers can attest) and you don't have a proper bib for your baby, you can use your muslin blanket. It's a great alternative to the bib as the baby is already familiar with its smell and feel. If you're in public and you find yourself without a bib, whether at home or in the car, you can use the blanket to keep your baby from soiling themselves, the car or the table. What better, a muslin blanket is easily thrown into the wash and ready for your next trip.

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